Jean Shorts

A special Request from my dear friend Jessi from J Photography

JEAN SHORTS or Jhorts we used to call them back in college, and by "we" I mean Bulldog Fans (even though I'm a Gator fan). :) The term Jhorts started at the Florida/Georgia game. The Georgia fans used to make fun of all the Gator fans for wearing Jean Shorts (which on Guys is a huge NO-NO).  Please see reference below! (ha)

So today I salute you dear Jean Shorts wearer (said to the tune of the Bud-light commercials). 
But no really, I love Jean shorts (on women) in the summer, it's a staple in my book. So here are some inspirational photo's for all you lovelies in Jean shorts, I'm really loving the shorts and blazer look!

 FL/GA Game. Note: Georgia Fan's shirt and Gator fan in Jhorts.