Neon Part 2

A friend asked me the weekend, "How do you feel about neon?" I immediately thought of LA and the 80's and was partially turned off by the thought of neon spandex and neon socks, and more so Katy Perry in her pleather neon dresses *cringe*. I replied with, "well I don't like LA Neon but if you wear it tastefully then it's okay", I especially like nude colors/beige and a splash of neon. I had previously blogged about neon here, but really gave it a little more thought. 

My first thought was why do I hate LA so much? I have had a grudge on LA since god knows when. Maybe it's because I have always seen myself as an NYC girl not an LA girl. Well I started to do a little more research on neon and LA fashion, and I found very few poorly dressed individuals in LA. So this is my formal apology to LA, I will give you another chance. :)

Now that I have that off my chest I want to give you a glimpse of some of my ideas of good neon:

 and even Men can rock Neon! ;)