Tough Guy Tuesday: Spotlight Fitness

Happy Tough Guy Tuesday! 

For today's post I would like to get a little more lifestyle with you than fashion, so bare with me. 

I have always been a gym rat, one of the best feelings in the world is the feeling you get after you have just had a hardcore session at the gym. Walking out proud and feeling like a million bucks! 

About a 2 years ago I was running on the treadmill at my gym, I think I was running for about 45 min's when I was done with that I stepped off and started to do my fitness routine that I used to do in college. You know the basics: Back, Chest, Arms & Squats routine. 
It wasn't until about an hour and 30 min's into my workout Kristin came up to me and asked if I was training for a marathon. "No, this is my daily workout." Kristin replied with "your kidding right?!", "okay next time you come in give me 30 min's and I promise you you will feel better than you did after your hour and a half workout. "

Challenge accepted. 

The next time I went into the gym I did a brief 5 Min jog then saddled up to get my ass kicked. I was pumped. So I strapped on the kickboxing gloves and started with a few punches, followed by squats around the gym (wayyyy harder than it sounds). Then it was down to business. To this day I think once in my life have I worked out as hard as I did that day with Kristin! We ran through a number of combinations, kicks, punches and an abdominal workout that made it hard to sit up in bed for the next 4 days! I was beat and I felt amazing. That's when I realized the benefits of an awesome personal trainer. 

Months following we did more tailored workouts, weights and kickboxing once a week. I have never felt and looked as good in my life! 

Kristin recently opened up her own store Chapa Fitness right down the beach from where I used to live, and I felt the need to share this with you. Also like her on fb, she is the best personal trainer that I have ever had and if you live in the Clearwater area, stop in and check her out I promise you will not be disappointed.

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