True Blood && Taco Suprise

Whew, what a Monday. Although everything went swimmingly (as my Dad would say) today, I still had an uneasy feeling about the day. Maybe I overloaded on B12 again. I take B12 in the morning instead of having coffee.  :)  Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's too much.

So after a long day at work, aka catching up on e-mails and finishing a few small tasks for the boss, I came home and made something interesting.... Taco Surprise. Yea that's right, not really sure what it was when I made it... but basically it's like making Taco's but putting rice in the pan after cooking the meat and letting it sit for 30 min's. The I crushed Frito's on top and put wheat tortilla's and the fixin's on the side. So it's like a burrito minus the beans.  It actually was really good. 

ANYWAYS, Getting to what I was originally posing about was True Blood, yea I'm one of those. I originally read the books before I started watching the series. While reading the books I had quite the different image of Sookie Stackhouse than what she is portrayed in the HBO series. Regardless, the point of the post was to mention that #1 I am delighted that the Season Premiere was significantly better than the Season finale of 3. #2 Erik the vampire is awesome, must be something about that name. ;) #3 I think that Sookie needs a stylist, and I will gladly step-up. 
So here is my rendition of what I would have put Sookie in for the first episode, she better learn how to run in heels! 

Do any of you watch True Blood? If so what did you think of the first episode?!