HP7 & Emma Watson

The day has arrived. HP7 Part 2 has hit the theaters. 

It all started in the 11th grade, I had to do a book report, so naturally I pick the book everyone is raving about, Harry Potter. While other classmates were reading Nietzsche I was reading a teen novel. (I was a math girl, get off my back! ;)) From then on I would make my Step-Mom take me to borders on Christmas Eve to get the new book, waiting in line and pre-ordering any books that came out. There wasn't a summer or winter that went by that you didn't catch me reading or re-reading the Harry Potter series. So today is a tribute to Mr. Potter and Emma Watson.

Emma has really maintained a very classy Hollywood image and I applaud her for that! She is intelligent, talented and fashionable! what else could you ask for?

Will you be going to see the FINAL Harry Potter?! 
All Images via Pinterest