If the shoe fits...


We can thank Rebecca Black for that gem. 

I am so excited for the long weekend! Sun, shopping, crepes, lazy mornings & putting the finishing touches on the outfit for next weekend.

So I finally got around to taking pics of the shoes I bought for the dress. I would just like to clarify that I was unable to find the perfect nude shoe, nor was I able to find a nice Navy shoe (Which was my choice) and I also couldn't even find a cool color to go with the dress, and yes I searched for grass green as well. Kind of a bummer but I am satisfied with my choice. I picked up a nice pair from DSW (who would have thought). 

They are dainty and a good color, plus I liked the way they looked with the jeans too! So I might actually wear them after the wedding. Which you know you always say. "Oh I will totally wear these again." and then they sit in the back of the closet for 2 years. RIP silver strappy shoes, RIP.

So here are my options for clutches, I initially was thinking the Pink clutch (Dooney & Bourke) to add a pop of color until I actually took it down from the closet and realized it really is a difficult pink. So, I think the Gold (J.Crew) or the LV might end up being my bag for the night. The gold one is a little more  elegant.

What do you guys think? Gold? LV? Rock the Lion?!

Well stay tuned, because I get to introduce you to Kiki & Coco, aka my favorite shoes that I have ever purchased! Which I might be wearing for the rehearsal dinner, or just around the house, you know watching SYTYCD.