Meet Kiki & CoCo

Yes it is true, I have successfully named a pair of shoes... and no this wasn't a recent naming. These babies were purchased in 2007. I was actually in Michigan at Somerset Mall (aka 3 stories and is spread out over a highway, seriously it's ridiculous) and was looking for shoes to wear on NYE. Well I walked into BCBG and just so happened to try these ladies on. It was love at first sight! I think I have worn them 4-5  times over the past 4 years, not because I don't like them, but more so that they are just so gorgeous that I can't wear them just anywhere.

So in route of getting my outfits aligned for next week I had my mom ship these babies from FL.

Why yes, that is a large Blue velvet bow right on top of the shoe! Well now that you have had a proper introduction, I will share more outings with Kiki & CoCo as they come about.