Big Girl Decisions

Decisions... decisions! 
To buy a house or to not buy a house.

The market as we all know is in an all time low, especially here in the D. So in my quest to find a home to 'rent' I came across a few that I thought might be a good investment, and by good investment I mean AWESOME investment! So yesterday was spent half working, half looking into purchasing a house. You know that feeling you get when everything kind of just lays right into place? That's how I feel about this house hunt. Hopefully good things will come. :)

In the meantime I am focused on my Managerial Accounting class... that is seriously taking over my life. But I am taking a few breaks here and there to dream about designing a house. Let me tell you that is my second dream job (the first being a successful boutique owner), I actually was accepted into SCAD for interior design! Why I didn't go, well that's a whole different chapter!

My favorite things in design is playing with industrial pieces and chandeliers. I love the feeling of being glamorously sterile. I am a clean freak by nature, so clutter kills me. 
So here are a few interior inspirational images for a possible potential new house!

Another one of my favorites is playing with light. I love a fabulous dark room with pouring light. I mean black walls and billowing white curtains.

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