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I'm BACKKKK!!!! So sorry for the long pause of non-posting, I have been working and studying like a maniac! No, really It's been so ridiculous that my boss and I made a new word up for the state that we were in... "Buddikkulous". Pretty creative I know! The word came about because at times I forget how to speak. I tried to say beyond ridiculous all at once. It was one Buddikkulous Week.

So now that the presentation that will be the death of me has been submitted there is limited post-work required, also I managed to take my exams in the middle of this mayhem.

Well on a good note, I now have the time to catch up on all the shows that I missed (The new Harry Potter, True Blood, Mad Men etc.) on top of being able to watch all my new shows I now have to clean the area rug, find a new place to live, do the laundry and get ready for my next set of classes that begin tomorrow. Ugh, I need an assistant.

My favorite shoe line OF ALL TIME is Alaia. Which I have posted about here and here. They do an array of items but their shoes are so amazing.

 I know that I have made it when I buy my first pair of Alaia's!

You might have heard of them from Clueless. You know Cher is being held up and she can't ruin her "totally important designer dress"... it's an Alaia! lol

Yes I totally just made a 90's Clueless reference! ;)

Things that i need to catch up on:


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