Tough Guy Tuesday

Today is defiantly Tough Guy Tuesday! Woke up late, couldn't get the little guy, Roscoe, to take his medicine. He hates it so much that he now clinches his little baby teeth in order for me NOT to give it to him, and then I feel bad but I know that he needs to finish all his meds. UGH. Life of a parent. So today I am feeling a little on the Tough Guy Tuesday side... like bring on the angry indie rock... and copious amounts of caffeine! 

Oh and so my sister Alexa works with me and we decided that instead of smoke breaks we are taking walks around the building breaks, yesterday we managed to walk almost 3 miles! 1. we walk fast  2. we walked on lunch and 3. this was more than one trip. All in all it makes the day go by faster and I think it increased productivity!

Happy Tough Guy Tuesday! 

*Image is Shenae Grimes from Pinterest