Missoni for Target

If you were unaware Missoni for Target dropped yesterday. Well after my 8am doctors appointment I decided to stroll in and see all the cool stuff that Missoni had done for Target. 

I walk into Target and there are 6 or 7 ladies running with carts filled up to the brim. "LAST PAIR" I hear from a CRAZED middle aged woman from the back of the store. What in Gods name did I just get myself into?! Welll after allowing everything to process I realized that the entire rack of Missoni gear was GONE! Literally NOTHING LEFT, the front rack was completely empty. After I got over how partially rediculous it was for these women to be hoarding items from Target, just to sell them on e-bay I got irritated, and deicded that it wasn't worth my time. So I proceeded to the shoe department (always my first stop at target) and there they were... a hidden pair of Missoni heels that were just my size. The greatest part was that I didn't have to fight bicker or hoard to get these babies. 

I was really excited because I really really liked the shoe and they are mega comfy! 

After purchasing my shoes and giving every woman with excessive amounts of Missoni gear in their carts the worst stink eye that I could conjure. I left feeling slightly satisfied, and slightly taller! ;)

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