Office Chic: Monday

Man what  a weekend! I had a date with my Dad on Sat which consisted of getting an oil change washing the car etc. Somehow we always seem to find ourselves at the car dealership. HA. No new car but one day, one day! After Car hunting we went out for a boat ride, which turned out to be such a beautiful day!

Monday's are always a little bit tougher to get out of bed. Especially because I had a dream that Gwen Stefani gave me a tattoo on my leg. haha. Well after the insane dreams I had last night I was able to get up and make myself a tea on the Keurig! Which is the greatest purchase to date! :)

Well since today is Monday I decided to stick with the Office Chic Monday vibe and give some of my favorite office looks! 

Pics Via: weheartit & Pinterest