Wedge Wednesday: Lanvin

How about lets celebrate Hallow Wedge Wednesday? ha
(Damn, should have saved that for Hallow-een) 

bahahah, You know I really get a kick out of my own jokes more than most people would. I think it runs in the family, we are HILARIOUS. Just kidding, NO but really.  Since we are going all HIGH FASHION-y this week, due to fashion month.  I decided it was time for another LANVIN wedge.

Speaking of Lanvin, have you seen the new fall campaign video?!?! (posted to the wsf facebook page) I laughed, and then watched it about 3 more times. 

and the glorious video...

I felt as if I was back in my sorority and I was watching the one girl that couldn't step-clap to the beat for rush, but in a very sophisticated and fabulous way that made me want everything in the video.

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