Wedge Wednesday

So everyone in my office has been MEGA sick, and I have been felling that 'I'm getting sick' feeling, and then that 'oh I'm totally not sick' the day after. Well today I woke up and it's official. I am sick. I'm talking swollen glands, sore throat, mega headache and the sense that I'm not really sure where I am. Did you know that you have a gland under your tongue? Like if you were to have a double chin? Yea that one is swollen too, or I grew a double chin over night. (HA that's kinda gross).... that's a sign that you should probably take every OTC drug in sight before I'm bed bound for a week.  lol Well at least I know where I am... I am at work. Like a champion. We have a lot going on this week in regards to planning, planning, planning. 

So after I get all the work out of the way I am going to make homemade chicken noodle soup and sit on the couch/do my homework. ;) But until then..... It's WEDGE WEDNESDAY!!!

 I decided on a new layout for the blog. I really like it, except I don't like how the viewer can change the layout of the webpage (see the top portion) My fav is Magazine. Oh well I'll learn how to hack it soon! :) So then all the goods will be back. One thing I HATED about the old site was that the pictures were never big enough. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! 

p.s. This Wedge find was another Pinterest adventure so the source is unknown.