New Shosies

Last night was well interesting. My younger sister is a senior in High School and she is on Homecoming Court. Well the football game was last night, and I decided to venture out to the boonies to watch her halftime shenanigans. I'm first going to set the tempo: it was 43 degrees raining and the wind was pretty intense and by intense I mean ilke crazy sideways rain. So prior to we are getting Anna ready getting her into her GORG navy blue dress and the zipper breaks. Luckily it was so cold and windy that everyone decided to wear jeans and a jacket instead. Funny thing is she kept her cool the entire time. If that was me I probably would have freaked out just a little, and by a little i mean like bridezilla style! haha 

Anyways, luckily she has like 3 dresses, so no biggie! ;)

So my other younger sister and I went shopping last weekend in Royal Oak at all the little boutiques, well she got some really cute jeans and I snagged some killer shoes! 

I have been wanted these for quite some time, they are Jessica Simpsons. They are so ridiculously tall that I'm kinda embarrassed to wear them to work but you know what, winter is approaching fast and if i don't wear them now i feel that I will not wear them until next spring. gah... this state and it's snow. 

p.s. Bare with me on template I tried reverting it back to the old wholesome fashion and the formatting was CRAZY, like unreadable crazy, so enjoy the minimalist approach we are going for this week!

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