Weekend Wrap Up

How is it that one can get sick within a 2 week span? Yes that's right ladies and gents I am under the weather once again. I blame work. Yesterday was spent running a few errands then watching a Mad Men Marathon on the couch with the Monsters. Then I mustered up the energy to make E and I Cajun Chicken Alfredo.  Then I passed out almost immediately to the tune of Call of Duty. 

This morning I woke up and felt better but not by much, I decided that since it was Sunday, aka the day that I usually make a HUGE breakfast and we decide to stuff ourselves, that I would get up and fight the sickness. So far so good, I made some fresh baked croissants they were so good. Which then reminded me that I wanted to make these beauties. ( Warning don't click the link if you are hungry.)

So aside from stuffing our faces, I am rocking the messy bun and a sun dress because mid-fall Michigan decided to have an Indian summer (aka goes right back up to 80). E and I are off to the movies to see 50/50. :)

So here are my inspirational photo's for the day.

the ultimate messy bun. 

Indian Summer. 

Sofia Bush in a AMAZING Brown leather dress. <3

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