As we are finally getting settled into the new home, I am finding that I am constantly in need of more storage space. Since we live in a older home (renovated) we are strapped for closet space. Unfortunately for E I have WAY too many clothes. Also, the rooms are a bit smaller than we are used to so a normal sized wardrobe would not fit in our bedroom. So lately I have been on the hunt for a nice skinny and tall dresser. I have really been wanting to find something that I can refurnish... but no such luck just yet. 

Also, I have gone back to using coupons... aka I have shifted my shopping addiction into a saving addiction?! lol It's actually really kinda awesome, and yes this all started from Extreme Couponing. (I'm totally not as crazy as those people). I was so stoked I saved $40 on groceries yesterday?! I use these two websites:


Well today I am off to my Dad's to enjoy the weather and his birthday!