Bright Lights

You guys would totally laugh at me if you saw what I was wearing today. Old Grey leggings, a GIANT Shirt that I'm pretty sure belongs to E and a dark red cardigan with diamond buttons?! I know I think I was pretty confused while I was getting ready today! Luckily I am working from home, so only E and the monsters have to look at me. Oh and our 70 year old mail lady that treks about 4 miles in the snow everyday.  I wonder what she has for breakfast every morning? Probably a bowl of awesome. Sometimes I question my sanity. ;)

So my inspiration is for what I would LIKE to be wearing, if I lived in a warmer state and had unlimited funds for Miu Miu dresses! Until that day arrives, I shall sit here in my Taylor swift glasses and top knot and swoon over brightly colored ensembles. 


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