Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty eventful, I scored two new pairs of shoes as well as a few other things (check my twitter for pics @wholesomefashin). Plus, I finished one of two lengthy papers that are due tonight way in advance (so not like me)... ANDD I finally got my hair done. I swear I have issues, I will go months and months before I pop back into a salon. (thanks @iconic_image for fitting me in so last min). I always decide that I'm going to do something rational (like dye my hair brown) and then try to make an appointment that same day so that I don't do something stupid.

While waiting for dinner to cook, I am making Cafe Rio Sweet Pork, I managed to get just about all my errands done thankfully because the snow is really start to come down. It seems like there is a blizzard coming through there are HUGE snowflakes coming down and this time the snow is actually sticking to the ground. E and I are going to go play in the snow later, I'm actually really excited... a snowball fight and/or snow angels are both way overdue. 

I'm feeling extra girly today, I think it's due to my nightly watching of Downton Abbey, I always get sucked into the classics. I could watch them over and over again! Downton Abbey season 1 is currently on Netflix and Season 2 (which I am just starting) is on PBS.com
I recommend it, if you like 1900's kind of shows! I also am highly obsessed with Homeland (on Showtime) ummmm... it's simply amazing. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Lazy Sunday!