According to the weather on my iPhone it seems as if we skipped spring and jumped right on into summer! I mean the Florida girl is NOT complaining... not one bit! I am enjoying being able to come home from work and  layout in the backyard, get my tan on in March. I feel like total suburbia though, sitting in my bathing suit out back without a pool or a beach, i mean literally our house backs up to another house!!! ha, it's kinda funny.

Due to this amazing weather I am totally in a summer mood, not to mention I am training for a 5k! I know I know, I totally didn't follow through last year... BUT NOT THIS YEAR, this year I will run my first 5k! I've always been able to run outside, but I'm actually pushing myself to train. My sister is actually my inspiration, she is insane (no jk) and is training for a half marathon. When she told me I was all about it, I was like YEAH, I can do that... until I read the pre-requisite... be able to run 7 miles straight?! HA 

I'll stick with the 5k. :)

So here are some inspired items for this heat stroke we have in the North:

Summer, Fedora's & road trips!

Anthro Dress with a statement colorful necklace for work or brunch.

Striped clutch that is oh so perfect!

Wishing you all an awesome rest of the week, it's almost FRIDAY! WOOP!