Wedge Wednesday: Sam Edelman

There's something lovely about these Sam Edelman Wedges. I feel this is the perfect shoe to dress something down, especially a super soft chiffon sundress that has the potential to become High School homecoming material. You know those dresses...I have like 5 of them, I put them on with patent pumps and I feel like I'm going to dinner on my birthday and the queen is attending. I put flats on and I feel like I'm going to watch a ballgame. (yes, I totally wear dresses to ballgames!) These Sam Edelman shoes would insert just the right amount of classy/casual into the situation. I'm kind of in love with them, and the more I look at them, the more I want to go get them! #confessionsofashopoholic (wait did I just #hashtag my blog?!) Have I gottent to the point where I have no control over where I am regurgitating content?!?! I have social media issues and am extremely sleepy. 

Wedge Wednesday: SE

What would you pair them with?!

I think I would pair it with this new dress I scored from Marshall's! 

 PS- I'm totally trying out for Jeopardy tonight. ha #bucketlist (there they go again, damn hashtags).