Office Chic Monday: The Shops at Target

Monday's are the worst, especially when it's super rainy and dark out. It was nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning, especially because I had two extra cuddly kittens next to me. Oh have I mentioned that I have a obsession with Game of Thrones? CAN'T STOP WATCHING the show! Anyways, I went to Target this weekend to check out "The Shops" and was pleasantly surprised that they had some really chic items. My favorites were The Webster and Prive shops. I scored this dress, that actually fits really well and It's perfect for work. 

Got this cardigan, which is so amazing and chic. (however the one I bought is light pink/coral and navy) 

Better pic of the cardigan on the right...

...and before I ran out of basket space I scored some plates made from Prive:

Happy Monday!