Wedge Wednesday & a Yoga Mishap

I have a hilarious story to tell. I was at Yoga on Monday, this class is actually called Yoga Rocks. YR is basically a very liberal and intense version of Bikram whilst they play Cat Stevens, Radiohead,  and Nikki Minaj within a 30 min span. Well I was about 45 min's into the 100 degree session and we were doing a series of balance poses. (standing splits, airplane etc...) Part of the series of positions was to do a semi kick to prepare for a handstand. When I was younger I always did gymnastics and cheer-leading, so a handstand wasn't too much of a challenge for me. *So I thought. WELLLLLLL..... the instructor puts on Nikki Minaj 'Roman's Revenge' soooo I'm not sure if it was the music that was making me feel extra cool or what, but i was on my last set of poses, and I decided to go for it. HANDSTAND HERE I COME and I was totally successful, until I wasn't. I then proceeded to wobble and fall forward into a support beam. I have the grace of a lockness monster. What made it funnier is that the entire class stopped and made that gasp of OMG ARE YOU OKAY noise. hahah and naturally I said yes. Luckily I didn't take out my entire row, and merely took out a stationary item. Never again handstand... never. again. 

You are probably asking, Roman's Revenge in Yoga? absolutely! Esp when you are about to pass out, it's the perfect song to push you through that last set of balance poses as your legs are shaking so bad that you're about to pass out on your sweat drenched mat. lol I seriously love my Yoga Studio! 

Oh yea.... Wedge Wednesday and other Misc. items that I love today:

OMG, Harper's BAZAAR Brides... be still my heart.