JCP & Marchesa

Hey JCP (aka JC Penny) I have always had this "I don't like JC Penny feeling" since I was young. Not sure why... probably because everything you carried was for the 80+ market, and the rest were those hideous BONGO jeans and shoes that made me want to barf. So, in retrospect, THANK YOU for finally getting with the times and successfully launching designers like Joe Fresh, Mango, and more importantly Marchesa. 

JCP / Marchesa

If I were getting married, I would seriously consider the middle dress as a wedding dress, no jk. Also, I fully intend to buy one of those perfectly structured black dresses. 

I'm proud of you JCP it takes a very good and talented team to do what you have done. Now lets get that quarterly report up so you don't loose all of your designers and potentially all your stores!