Dark Spaces & Alter Ego's

Good day! Today is most certainly going to be a good day! I know this because the Starbucks girl spelled my name like this again... "Aleisha" it's cool I like having alter ego's. 

More recently, well actually that's a lie, I have been drawn to very dark spaces. Dark rooms always give me a sense of comfort and security. I love the first room below how they took very natural surroundings and natural very tough items and added the bone colored chandelier and giant bouquet of flowers. It's always a balance of light and dark, and hard and soft. 

Well this weekend is technically "fathers day" for me since I will be out of town next weekend. We have a fun-filled weekend planned (food trucks, Gatsby, Jeopardy and maybe some outdoor exploring.)

Also, and just for bragging rights (even though Yogi's don't brag) I mastered this in Yoga yesterday! (in a not as pretty not as straight and less composed fashion of coarse) WOOT!