A Very Jersey Shore Wedding: Kickball Edition

In the spirit of Wedding Wednesday last night at kickball we had "thrift store night." One thing about me when someone tells me to dress up... I usually go over the top. Just ask my sorority sisters from college about any of the events I attended, including but not limited to wearing a 12 inch fro to my first social... or matching mullets (with my BFF) to our second social. GO BIG or GO HOME is my motto. Regardless, over drinks a few weeks ago the ladies decided that it would be a FAB idea to have not only a thrift store theme but a theme on top of the theme... hence the Jersey Shore Wedding, solely based on the poof-ability of my hair. Here is the product of over planning thrift store night and enjoying every moment of it... and yes we did have a hair stylist there to make us look extra special.

Need a wedding planned? I'm your girl! ;)

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