Shop Wholesome Fashion: Update

A while back I was planning or in the beginning stages of opening a boutique. Things were slightly put on hold due to a few complications (i.e. timing etc...). Well today I woke up (the first time in what seems like eternity) without a headache (compliments of my sinus infection) and I had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish within the next few months. Well I am here to tell you that within the next 2 weeks, I will be putting a business plan together and I will finally be "officially" starting my business. The groundwork has been done... now it's time for the planning and number crunching (my specialty) and filing within the state of Texas.

Between the support from my family and the support of those around me I know that this shop will be a reflection of me and the things that I love. I just know you will love them too. Big shout-out to Libby's (A Lover's Anthology) inspirational blog post today click here to read it... and more importantly the TED video that she linked in her post. Well because I've always been a nut. Thank you to all of those who have pushed me to become a better person. It's working. ;)

Shop Wholesome Fashion Sneak Peak: