Bona Drag: Top Picks

Hello Lovelies.... so today was bitterly cold in Austin, 24 degrees is no bueno! So today I kinda just meandered all over town, my sister left last Saturday and the weekdays have been quite boring without her... I mean my hiking/yoga/boozy lunch partner left. In my lack of things to do, I hit up Nordstrom Rack, Nieman Marcus Last Call, Homegoods and DSW. I surprisingly only found a new sweater after hours of combing through 4 stores, and well to be honest I found a new Kate Spade purse I'm not allowing myself to indulge in, even though it was so super adorable and on super sale... actually... jk I'll brb.

Hope your Tough Guy Tuesday went well.

Also, here are my top picks form Bona Drag