Portrait of a Lady & DSLR Lessons

Happy Friday! Now that I'm back to blogging - it's time to start learning how to use my Nikon. 

Learning a new skill can sometimes be daunting, but also be incredibly rewarding at the same time. I have always loved photography. So when the time came to purchase a DSLR I was a little overwhelmed. What does full frame mean? Do I need a specific audio output? Will I even be shooting video? So many questions, so little time. I decided that DSLR was the way to go and that Nikon was going to be my camera body of choice, simply because I've shot on Nikon's before. I ended up purchasing the Nikon D3300, small and powerful. 

It wasn't until my first lens broke (or I should say was a casualty from a very blurry shoot with animals) that I realized the different types of lenses and how much they really were, and how that a nice lens REALLY made a HUGE difference. I ended up going with a Nikon 18-55 lens. What does that mean? Well it means I can zoom out and take more diverse shots when needed. It's a sharp lens that gets a crisp wide shot as well as a zoomed shot It's also light and fits perfectly in my camera bag. 

Here are some shot's that I took with the new lens... and I'm in loveeee. 

Dress is from Lulu's, Hat from Free People, Boots are Jeffrey Campbell.