The Interpretation of Color

I love bright colors, I really really do. However, I always find myself wearing very neutral colors. 

Black is probably the number one color in my closet next to grey. It's a safe color and has historically been associated with mystery.  I've been digging into the psychology of well just about everything lately but one thing that fascinates me is color and how it can make you feel or how it can make others feel. Black, in color psychology, gives you protection from external emotional stress. I think that this is spot on not only in recent events that I've been dealing with but also in dealing with anxiety, and more importantly working in HR. 

Working in HR can be taxing at times and without setting boundaries (like with any job) you can be affected by the constant emotions of others. While protection is one theory there is another part of black that is sexy, hence "little black dress" "black tie event" ultimately it's how it makes you feel in that moment. Whether it's to protect yourself or to feel sexy it's always a great color to wear. 

I took my favorite shirt (because who doesn't like bell sleeves) threw it over an old H&M striped dress similar here, paired it with some edgy leather Dolce Vita booties (now on sale) and then threw on a jean jacket (because let's be honest the weather in Texas is unpredictable). 

Check out the psychology of color meanings here, it's kinda fun.

What's your go to color?