future home & friday

So yesterday was fantastic! I had the day off, my boss tends to give me the day off if we work really really hard that week. Which I love because it gave me time to sleep in, make breakfast, hit the gym for my new favorite workout that my friend Julie suggested on her blog

Then shortly after E's new product package arrived... for all you photo nerds it was a new set of pocket wizards & a zone controller. So naturally our studio apartment turned into a photo studio. After a few shots inside, we took it outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! We took some great street style photo's which I will post soon! I got to wear my green ZigiShoho's and my BBDakota black trench! :) 

Anyways, I finally found what our house will look like in Austin! Well once we get there and once we buy a house! :)

dark colorful and still shabby chic! :)