Baked Chicken and Bacon wrapped Leeks

So last week I wanted to make something that I have never made before, in doing so I went to my handy-dandy cookbook that I got at Anothropologie called The Illustrated Quick Cook.

So I flipped to a recipe which sounded amazing it was the Chicken with Chicory (aka Endive) and Bacon, instead of Chicory, which my gourmet Market did not carry I substituted Leeks for the Chicory.

First I Sauteed the Leeks in Olive Oil until browned..

Then wrapped them in raw bacon.

I then browned the chicken the same way and threw it all in one casserole dish and baked it at 400 for 25 min's.

Meal was accompanied by a French Red Wine... and yes I totally use my bills as a coaster. :)

The meal turned out awesome! We discovered that E is not a fan of Leeks, but does love the tenderness of the chicken and well BACON. You can rarely go wrong with bacon.
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