The Random Babblings of a Corporate Fashionista

I think I should call this blog 'the random babblings of a corporate fashionista'... no?  
I sometimes barely have time for you and most of the time it's pure nonsense that is coming out of my mouth errr brain.

ANYWAYS, once upon a time I made cards, like, I made some serious cards and they were sold online and at stores. I was going through a transition period I had just quit my old job and was looking for something that I liked to do and that was making cards. Strange thing I know, but I have always been an avid scrapbook-er and have always been sketching/painting. So today when Blogger decided to change the interface, I saw my old website. I remembered that I once attempted to start a card company, so I thought that I would share the deserted site and how I used to get my inspiration.

 Yes I totally made that card myself, but I will have to say that some of my favorites were the Halloween Cards. (You will have to wait for those!) muhuhahahahha or you can click the old link to my site... lol

I am taking my old inspiration and making it into NEW inspiration, I actually adore the color combo and would love to make a room out of that, but for now I will stick with outfits. Well at least until we find a new house to live in!

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