Sheer Dresses & Monkey Bread

Oh Saturday, How I love thee. Our Saturday tradition usually involves baked goods and a giant cup of coffee. Today's treat (thanks to Pinterest) was Monkey Bread, Recipe here. Followed by Butter Toffee K Cups. 

It was soooo good, however E and I are in a butter coma at the moment. I think if I were to make this again I would cut the butter in half! Not to mention we were planning on doing a two-a-days gym sesh today and I'm pretty sure that will not be happening. 

So lately I have been finding that I have been loving the sheer dress look. No, not the you can see my bra and underwear type of dress (which I do like... for people that live in Europe and are attending Fashion week events in Paris). I'm more of a classic kinda girl. Here are a few of my favorites... Not to mention it's almost Brunch season!!!! (Here in the north it's usually after Easter!)


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Hopefully I can get out of this butter coma and make it to the gym and the mall! :)