So I totally went to IKEA yesterday without adult supervision and by adult supervision I mean E. E always has everything pre-measured and knows exactly what he wants. Me now on the other hand go in there and take like 20 pictures grab a cart and decide on the fly, no measurements or anything. Well in good news I found a small dresser for the bedroom (that's going to  be my new DIY project) and a bookshelf to accompany the TV stand. Two things, 1 I will never go to Ikea on a Saturday afternoon EVER again! There had to be at least 1500 people there. 2 I am convinced my madness is a great way to pick out new furniture! :) Well I am off to spend the day doing Stats calculations since I decided to build all day yesterday! Building things > STATS Homework.

Today I am in a very clean mood, maybe it's the fact that I cleaned all day yesterday and I'm anticipating the sunny spring that I hope arrives soon. Either way here are some inspiring images brought to you by the word CLEAN, and the number 2. :)


Clean Make-up

Gweneth always dresses so clean!

Clean white dress. <3