Tough Guy Tuesday: Blazers

Apparently I thought today was Wednesday, hence the Wedge Wednesday post. I blame the fact that I am still recovering from being sick-almost-to-the-point-of-hospitalization phase last week. 

Since today is CLEARLY not Wednesday here's an extra post for Tough Guy Tuesday. I know I always post random pictures of men's fashion, but today's post is dedicated to Blazers. It think that as a male a staple closet go-to is defiantly the blazer. It can be dressed up (with Khaki's) or dressed down (with jeans or chino shorts), one faux pas of mine is when a guy wears a blazer and neglects to tuck in the shirt underneath, unless it's a simple t-shirt I would recommend tucking that baby in, esp if it's a button-down! 

Shopping tip: If you are on the hunt for a quality blazer and don't feel like spending a fortune, head to the vintage shops and Salvation Army, find one you like then go pay the extra $25 to have the jacket tailored to your form. Trust me you will not be disappointed! (This applies to you ladies as well) 

Key Blazer colors that go with everything: Navy Blue, Tan and Gray