Happy (almost) New Year! 
I'm still fighting the flu, however I am able to walk around today, thank god. Yesterday was a nightmare! Tonight I have decided to head over to the Cook's house and have a VS PJ couch party instead of trying to ride it out here in The Oak. I was going to stay and listen to the bands from my apartment, however last night when I was in my 'flu coma' and just about to fall asleep, they did a sound check. It literally sounded as if the band was playing in my living room. I'm talking LOUD! I guess that's what you get when you are about 900 feet away from the stage. The benefits and disadvantages of living downtown. SO, I have decided to pack all my vitamins, PJ's and nyquil and take a road trip out to the Cooks. Grandma bought us all matching VS PJ's lol... so we will all be wearing our PJ's playing Wii Dance. That's right at midnight I will be toasting everyone's champagne with a shot of Nyquil.

Here is what I would wear if I were able to function:
Miu Miu Shoes, Vivienne Westwood Coat, Rosamosario Silk Chemise dress

and here is what I really will be wearing:

lol and I'm not even kidding!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Years, be safe and have a wonderful time! :)