Reflection of the New Year && The Perfect Work Bag

Happy 2014! The new year has finally arrived and I am so excited to see what will unfold this year. 1 year ago I was living in super cold Michigan in a house by myself and I had just graduated with an MBA, at the time I felt very lost and out of place. Today I am living in the city I have always wanted to live (Austin) and working as a fashion editor for one of my fashion idols and favorite fashion designers Dallas Shaw. It took me a while to settle in here in Austin, but I have found a group of really great people and really great family to make life just that much better. I've found that when you surround yourself with positive and happy people you tend to take on those characteristics. Over the break my Dad mentioned to me that it's important to reflect on where you were exactly one year ago to see how far you have come in the new year. What are you ready to get rid of from 2013? What are you ready to take on in 2014? New year... new goals... new ambitions.

Well today's post is dedicated to the perfect (Office Chic) work bag... functional, chic and structured. Go on and get your bag on girl.

Perfect Work Bag

Black Bag Michael Kors
Beige Bag Givenchy